Beautiful Kitchens Have Boos Cutting Boards

Kitchen supplies can be obnoxious if you’re trying to make your kitchen look nice. Most kitchen supplies are utilitarian, perfectly functional but somewhat ugly. At best, you may be able to find some supplies that look sleek and slender, giving the impression of a professional kitchen. Yet even that is not particularly attractive, and can look dingy and ugly over time.

One of the worst culprits of the ugly kitchen supply problem is the cutting board. Most mid-grade cutting boards are made out of a plastic material. This certainly makes them functional for cutting, but it makes them quite unattractive. Even many of the wooden ones tend to get dinged up and dirty over time. This can be terrible when you just want your kitchen to look nice.

What can you do? You can start by taking a good look at a Boos cutting board. Cutting boards by Boos are made of a solid, hardwood material that will hold up strong under normal kitchen use. Naturally, any cutting board is going to deal with the slight scuffs and dings from having a knife slam down onto it multiple times over the years. However, these cutting boards are so durable that you won’t have to worry about the same kind of deep gouges you see on so many other cutting boards. You can be certain that they’ll still be smooth and look gorgeous.

In addition, these cutting boards are made to repel liquid. Whether you’re cutting meat or cutting vegetables, liquid can often drip off. With most cutting boards, the board material tends to absorb some amount of the liquid. Over time, it can take on a dingy color. This is simply because of the amount of colored, staining liquid that drips onto the board.

Boos cutting boards don’t have that problem, because of their specially designed hardwood make up. As long as you make sure to clean them after each use, you’ll be able to leave these cutting boards out on your counter as part of the aesthetics for years to come. They’re designed to stay looking shiny and new, letting you enjoy the thrill of having a beautiful kitchen.

Don’t think these cutting boards are all form over function, however! Many styles of cutting boards by Boos are designed to have peg legs. This means that you can simply start cutting, without having to worry about the board sliding all over the counter. Most cutting boards require a moist rag placed underneath them in order to hold them in place. While Boos does sell some flat styles of cutting board, many of the boards are designed to sit firmly on pegs. This keeps them steady and allows you to not have to worry about adding extra steps to your dinner preparation.

At the end of the day, everyone wants a gorgeous kitchen. But not everyone is willing to take the steps necessary to have one. If you want a gorgeous kitchen, make sure your kitchen supplies match the rest of the kitchen. Get a cutting board from Boos.